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Oct. 15th Update, Potential Shifts Are Coming

The Radio Program this Week Will Discuss Two Potential Issues Based on Upcoming Information.

Last week I received a phone call informing me of major shifts that are in the works.  These have the potential to become the required changes I have been talking about for over one year.  It this transpires, it is great news.  I’ll know more after I’m writing this update and the info should come before Wednesday’s radio program.  If I do not receive the update we’ll discuss how we process our discouragements and fears, the obstacles that keeps us from receiving what we desire in our lives.

New Radio Station Concerns

Many of you have sent emails regarding your inability to connect with the new radio program.  Two weeks ago our program was hacked, last week there were a few administrative errors we have corrected.

The program can be found on www.doublewidenetwork.comimage001If you enter the main web page, click on the “more shows” tab and I’m on the “Radiostar Worldwide” tab.  There you will see my logo.  You can click the tabs to listen to the program live or archived.  If you want to download the mp3 file, click on the “subscribe Dave” tab, it’s the RSS tab.  That will bring up the file link.  Others have mentioned you cannot move around in the program while it is playing.  You need to let the program completely download before you can to different places in the program.  I hope this helps.

Click here for the radio program website

new sedona_connection

Still plenty of room for the Nashville workshop on Oct. 18th.


Click here for the workshop registration page.

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Oct 8th Update

Radio Program Was Hacked Again.

We started with a new radio program provider, yet our program was hacked again, clear indications certain elements do not want you to hear what I am saying.

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This week I’ll talk about the rapid changes taking place to our world and how it is effecting our lives.

new sedona_connection

Join me with our new radio program provider,

Click here for the radio program, live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived anytime.


To download the mp3 file click on the RSS tab, the “subscribe Dave” tab and it will bring up the mp3 file.

Plenty of seats still available for the Nashville, TN workshop on Oct. 18th.  Click here for the registration page.

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Oct. 1st, Radio Program in a New Location

The Radio Program is Moving to a New Location with a New Theme.  Website and Newsletter Remain the Same.

The newsletter from last week created a lot of concern and questions.  This in the video I clarify some issues and then make a statement of my opinion on the private exchanges.

I then announce a new theme of the weekly radio program and newsletters until we some some concrete change in the RV/GCR world.

The radio program will now be with “Doublewide”  They have different channels and I will be on Radio Star Worldwide.  Radio program is same time, live on Wed. nights at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived anytime.

Click here for the new radio program location.

For those wantng to download the program, go to he website, click on the RSS tab and it will bring the program up in a mp3 file format to save for listeniing at your convience.

Still plenty of room for the Seattle workshop on Oct. 4th.  I will post the Nashville location on Oct. 18th in a few days.

Click here for the workshop registration page.

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Sept. 24, Waking Up to What is Coming Our Way

In the Orlando, Fl workshop the Ambassador described some of the developments coming our way.  We will discuss these isssues and also one of the Dragon Family’s goals to help humanity wake up to what is really taking place in this world.

Click here for the radio show, live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived anytime.

Click here to join us for the Oct. 4th Workshop in Seattle, WA

Seattle 27788_75_b

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More Contacts with Trustees of the Dragon Family Gold.

Last Week I Posted this Picture in My Newsletter.  This Week the Trustees of This Gold Contaced Me!

thailand gold bars

I discuss this on this week’s radio program.

Click here for the radio program, live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET, or archived anytime.

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The Ambassador was Our Guest at the Tustin Workshop

We had a One Hour Plus Q&A Live with the Ambassador at the Tustin, CA Workshop

At the Tustin, CA workshop we had a one hour Q&A with the Ambassador and he showed us pictures of trillions of dollars of gold and currencies he and the Family have in their possession.  Myself and other workshop attendees will discuss their experience and how it is changing their lives.

He opened up and shared far more info than ever before and then showed us the pictures that just blew us away.

I mentioned that all the people present were holders of dinar and dong and what can we expect in the near future with our currencies.  His answer……”Everyone one of you present are going to be millionaires.”  But, expect the unexpected, this is not going to unfold as most of you think.

On the radio program I will interview some of the attendees and I have invited others to call in and share their experience.  All those who attended the one 3 months ago said this info was new, great and very important.  They all said you will not want to miss any of the upcoming workshops.  The information is well worth your time and investment.  Below are examples of some the pictures the Ambassador shared with us.

thailand gold bars-296

Click here for the radio program, live at 6pm PT, 9 pm ET, or archived anytime.

Here are some comments from two Tustin Workshop Attendees.

Click here for registration to the Sept. 20th Workshop in Orlando, FL.

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Sept. 3rd, Illusion or Reality? Where Are You in this Process?

The Cabal are Masters at Creating Illusions.  What Illusions have they been Bringing Our Way in this RV/GCR Process.

Albert Einstein said the world we live in is just an illusion.  We think what we experience in this world is real, but in reality most of it is an illusion created by our thoughts.  The Cabal have been masters at creating illusions for us to believe in this world.  By doing so they keep us in a financial slavery where they keep themselves in control.  What illusions have they brought our way in the RV/GCR process.  And is this illusionary  world beginning to fall apart?  I discuss this in this newsletter video and on the radio program this week.


Click here for the radio program, live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived any time. 


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