April 27th Workshop in the Philedelphia Area and May 10th in Sedona, AZ

“Who Wants to Be a Millioniare” One Day Workshop in the Philadelphia Area on April 27th and Sedona, AZ on May 10th

Click here for the information and registration page.

Unity Church of Sedona

Unity Church of Sedona

Courtyard Marriott-Philly

Glassbor0, NJ Courtyard Marriott

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Latest Updates

For the latest updates and news check the Newsletter Archives.  Click Here for the Newsletters Page.

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April 16th Update; Preparing for the Change

In this newsletter and corresponding radio program Dave talks about his recent road trip, updates regarding the two private exchanges and how we can prepare for the coming change.

Click here for the radio program; live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived anytime.

Blog Talk radio limits the number of live callers.  If possible please listen to the program live on the internet so there will be space on the phone lines for those wishing to call in with questions or comments.

Here’s the link to the corresponding newsletter.



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Sign Up for the Private Dong Excahnge

There is a Limited Window of Opportunity to Sign Up for a Private Dong Exchange, Please Follow the Instructions Below!!!

Following is the email sent out in my newsletter.  You may sign up by filling out the form.  Here’s the link to form:


After filling out the form, make sure you add yourself to my newsletter email list for updates and instructions.  You may do so by clicking on the “Join Our Newsletter List” in the right column of this post.

Here’s the recent newsletter:

This is round three and thank you for your patience if you have seen this.  You most likely received this email already, but I’m resending it because over 1000 people have signed up for the email newsletter since the first round and the dong opportunity window is still open.

In this email, you can now add your friends.  The website sign up will be removed once the window is closed.  Once again, please do not forward this email, but send them to my website.

A couple of addendum:  Some of you said you were receiving errors in the form.  The most common reason is due to putting commas in the amount box.  That box will not take commas in the numbers.  Other than that I cannot help you if you are having problems.  For a couple thousand people it has worked fine.  Following is the text from the round one newsletter.  Thank you for your patience if you have already read this and filled out your form.

Those of you following my newsletters and radio programs, know that for two months now I have been meeting with two individuals who are involved with large group private exchanges with the dinar.  Those groups with the dinar are now closed and the exchange process is underway.

For those who listened to the April 9th radio program, you are aware there is a small window to participate in a private exchange with the VND, Vietnamese Dong.  I discussed this extensively on the program, which can be listened to archived.

This newsletter is to offer the form to include your name on the list.  Please read closely the following statements and directions.

1.  Filling out the form does not obligate you to participate in the private exchange, it only puts you on the list and gives you the option to participate.

2.  You will not be required to turn over your dong to any individual until you are at the bank for the exchange.  Therefore keeping your dong in your possession until you are notified how to proceed.

3.  PIF, (Pay It Forward) is the individual conducting this exchange with an Interface Team.  All questions, correspondence, directions will come from PIF’s team.  I, Dave, am just the messenger and I have been invited to allow those on my newsletter list to participate.  PLEASE, I REPEAT, PLEASE, DO NOT EMAIL ME WITH YOUR QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, ETC.  This is not my list, but PIF’s, so I cannot answer specific questions.  I do not have the staff to handle the volume coming my way.  Example:  I specifically asked on the radio program and this newsletter to not send me emails with your questions, yet within 48 hours I have received close to 1000 emails in spite of my request to not receive them.  Please folks, for my sanity and the respect of others do not send me your emails with questions, comments, etc with this exchange.  PIF has a staff to handle those issues, I do not.  Thank you for understanding!

4.  At the time of the radio program we we told there would be about a 3 to 4 day window to sign up.  That has changed.  The list may close within 24 hours.  If you wish to be on the list, you should fill out the form NOW!!!  Not all individuals signing up will be included.  There is cut off point and those included will be on a first come first serve basis by the time stamp on your email with the form.

5.  The form is simple, only required info is your name, email and amount of dong to exchange.  The amount is required for the exchange team to know approximately how much is involved in the total private exchange.

6.  The form asks for a copy of your receipts, do not worry about that.  It will be accepted if you cannot include that information.

7.  Please be patient, do not bombard PIF’s team with questions.  They will notify you by email of the instructions and procedures.  The email will come from PIF or “Pay It Forward” in it’s name.  Do not ask them about the rates.  I have seen the contract and they can change daily based on a formula of various foreign monetary issues.  But, I can say this, the private rate is likely to be about 3 times the public rate.

8.  DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT FORWARD THIS NEWSLETTER TO OTHERS OR POST IT TO ANY BLOG SITE.  Anyone found doing so will be removed from the private exchange.  Think about it, it could cost you millions.

9.  Remember, this exchange is private and voluntary.  You are not required to participate, it is your choice to do so.  If you’re not comfortable with this, then do not fill out the form.

10.  Here’s the link to the form, you must fill out this form to be on the list:


Enjoy the blessings coming your way with gratitude and thankfulness.


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April 9th Update

Today I’m writing from Salt Lake City, Gathering First Hand Information

I’m on a road trip to gather first hand information about individuals who are being cashed out in private contract transactions.

I’ll discuss this and other details on the April 9th corresponding radio program.

Click here for the program live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET, or archived anytime after the live program.

Click here for the corresponding newsletter.

Our next “Managing the Millionaire Within You” workshop is on April 27th in the Philadelphia area.

Click here for more information and registration.

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April 2nd, For Legal Reasons I had to Pull Tonight’s Radio Program

Tonight’s radio program created a firestorm.  For leagal reasons I had to pull it off the air.  Attacks, lies and threats to lives have taken place, here’s my statement!

When you choose to stand for the truth and want to do what you belive is best for others, you will always attract a corresponding response.

But in the end the truth always wins out, and the truth will always set you free.

I had invited a special guest to be on the program tonight, Okie, who is posted on a regular basis on the dinar blogs. I talked with him after the program and he is going to make his own statement to be posted on the blogs sites. But what I stated is true, he was going to come on the air but his life was threatened. I will let his statement stand for itself.

For legal purposes I had to remove tonights’ radio program from the air. I stand by all statements made about the authenticity of who was on the air and what they represent. PIF and others are for real and the RV is about to be released. I wish I could say more, but for legal and confidential reasons I cannot.

The people I talked with have been cashed out and others are currently being processed. The representative I had on the program is for real and he has been processing private transactions for months. Some are attacking the truth of those statements. In the near future the truth will come out regarding those who want to attack. Those who choose to trust will benefit from the higher rate.

People will choose to believe what they want. People will choose their perceptions based on what they want to believe. In the end truth always brings out the quality of character within us. Those who choose to attack reveal what’s really happening within them.

I can’t make you belive one way or the other, the choice is always yours. All I can say is our real truth and character comes out when we are near the finish line. Some will put their own noose around their own necks, some will create their own forms of sabotage. Some will benefit and grow because they choose to stand with truth and not attack. In the end truth always wins.

Thanks for understanding…….Dave!!!

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March 26th, Exogen is My Guest on the Radio Program

Exogen is the Guest on this Week’s Radio Program, the Workshop was Outstanding and Yes, the RV is Still Unfolding

This week, Exogen, the executive at S3Alpha.net blog site is my guest the radio program.  About 2 months ago S3Alpha went a different direction from their old site and their readership has exploded.  Over 12,000 new readers in less than 2 months.  What’s unique, is that you have have to sign up on the site to be a reader.  That displays a strong support base.

Click here for the radio program;

Live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET.  The program can be listened to archived anytime at the above Blog Talk Radio link.

Click Here for the newsletter.


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March 19th, The RV is Unfolding!!!

Last week I mentioned the RV was underway, this week unfolding is a better word.

I mentioned the RV is a three step process.  First, the release of the bonds.  Second, the RV unfolding.  Third, the GCR.  The first step is done and is signified by some new developments that took place in the last week.  I’m attaching a 15 minute You Tube video entitled “The Freeing of Humanity.”  This video gives the history of much of the gold in SE Asia that was under the trustee control of President Seokarno, the former president of Indonesia.  The trustee control has been transferred to his son.  The video displays pictures of his son, one week ago signing a sheet of uncut new U.S. Treasury $1 bills.  These are new U.S. currencies to be backed by gold and to replace the current Federal Reserve notes.

It’s all underway and unfolding.  I’ll keep you posted if any new developments take place this week.  We’ll be discussing this and taking your questions on this weeks radio program.

Click here for the radio program, live at 6pm PT, 9am ET.

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