April 19th Update

General Update in the Video.  Things Are Progressing Very Well.  We Are Still in a Quiet Time So No Radio Program Again This Week.




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March 21st Update, No Radio Program

Brief Update in the Video, No Radio Program.  Issues Are Progressing Very Well.

Please trust that my recent low profile means very good news is developing behind the scenes.

I can always give more details at the workshops.  The Sedona workshop on April 8th will sell out, so register soon if you plan on attending.

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March 15, No Program Again this Week.

Dear Friends,

There will be no program again this week.

I know many of you may be wondering what is going one, but trust me all is well.

My funding sources have asked me to stay in a low profile for a period of time.  I take them seriously as they are the sources of what we have been waiting for.

There is a lot of activity going on in the background and when you have an event of this size it is not done publicly without it developing some potential serious problems.

When I do a broadcast program it is seen or listened to by over 15,000 people and it has ripple effects from there.

If what they are telling me is true we could be very close to what we have been waiting for, so please be patient and take my low profile as a very good sign.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!

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March 8th, No Program this Week

Dave Will Tending to Personal and Family Business this Week, So there Will be No Radio Program.

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March 1st, General Update and Open Q&Q Session

It has been three weeks since Dave has had an open Q&A session with callers.  He will give a general info update and then open the phone line to callers.

Click here for the radio program, live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived anytime.  Live call in number:  515-605-93

Seats are filling up fast for the next workshop in Charlot12916919_10208545985998820_7396027463438794923_ote, NC on March 1st.  This will likely sell out.

Click here for the workshop registration and information page.


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Feb. 22nd, No Radio Program thsi Week

3fa87606-ca75-467d-bf75-34640fbdea9f-thumbnailThings Are Developing Behind the Scenes, I am Being Asked to Keep a Low Profile, So No Program this Week.

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Feb. 15th, Weekly Update

This Week I Am Keeping a Lower Profile.  There Will Be No Video 3fa87606-ca75-467d-bf75-34640fbdea9f-thumbnailnor a Live Streaming Broadcast on You Tube, Just a Radio Program.

Click Here for the Radio Program, Live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or Archived Anytime.

Live Call in Number:  515-6059356

Click Here for the Weekly Newsletter Edition

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