Sept 11th, Join Dave and his Guest Scott Mowry

Dave Will Discuss with Scott His Recent Article, “The End of Economic Slavery has Arrived.”

Scott has done an excellent job in his writing and research of his new article that has gone viral with the Global Currency Reset groups.

For your own read click here:

To listen to the program live, Wed. Sept. 11th at 6pm PT, call 646-716-8069

or to listen to the radio program on the internet or archived, click here:

scott[1]Scott Mowry is the primary voice and writer at Currently, he works as a freelance writer,  researcher, speaker, filmmaker and  consultant. He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh where he obtained a BA in English Writing and Journalism.

Scott is also an event co-ordinator in the Seattle/Puget Sound area where he has hosted speakers and performers such as Michael Tellinger (; Andrew D. Basiago (; Alfred Webre (; James Gilliland (, Stuart Mooney ( and Scott Huckabay (, among many others.

He is a tireless proponent of a very positive and fantastic future unfolding for humanity at this time in our history.

One of the most important discoveries  that Scott has made was information that gave him direct insight into  his purpose, his destiny and his mission on planet Earth. Thanks to the  amazing work of author and past-life regressionist Dolores Cannon, Scott was able to identify himself as one of the “first wave souls” on planet Earth.

Scott is a relenteless researcher, innovator and creator. Recently he has added filmmaker to his resume and has produced three films to date, including the very warmly received, “Welcome to the New Earth,” ,  “The Emanicpation of the Human Race” and “A New World Coming”.

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