New Direction in What’s Developing

What Are Some New Developments!

In the last week we’ve had some disappointing developments.  All of the primary bloggers were relaying the same message stating the RV was done and ready to be released.  Yet, here we are again at the end of the week and nothing has happened. 
This is creating tension, disappointment, despair and anger.  The two camps are developing and taking pot shots at each other.
This time I come with a video message.  I encourage you to watch it and share it with others.  We are at a turning point and it’s very important for us to rise above the fray, release the drama, and stay centered in ourselves with an attitude of graciousness and love.

In the video I talk about an apparent log jam that has developed with the RV.  I talk about my 35 years of experience in seeing these developments rise and how to release them so the funds can flow our way.

We are all wanting the RV to unfold.  It’s important we give our energy and attention to a positive focus that can change the outcome of our desired intentions.

I truly do believe the RV is going to happen, but it’s important we allow others to make their free will choices as we rise above the drama and send thoughts of love and light their way.
The RV has the opportunity to be a major turning point in history and we are right in the middle this dramatic change.  Let’s all do out part and make a positive impact regarding this ever important change in history.
Blessings!!! Dave 
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