Update on C/E Issues such as the NDA, Dates, etc.

Radio Program Discussion on New Forecasts, NDA Developments and the Circle of Giving Newsletter!

Note: the Radio Program was Cut off the Air at the 27 Minute Mark…..Interesting Developments!!!

Folks, I’m posting this as an update to this newsletter.  There have been some very interesting developments today.  First, I do not post my newsletters to other blog sites, others who receive them do the posting.  But, today, my newsletter from yesterday was posted on the TNT Dinar site, the one controlled by TNT Tony.  It was there for about 20 minutes and then pulled and the lady who posted was removed from their site.

Then tonight on the radio program I was talking about the NDA being unlawful, unconstitutional and it was being used to cover up certain powerful people.  I had no more than said the word coercion and we were pulled from the air and I could not get back on,

Next, none of my newsletters for the last 4 or 5 weeks have been posted on Dinar Recaps, then no more than a few minutes after I was taken off the air, the one from yesterday talking about the NDA appeared….go figure.

I don’t know what’s happening, I don’t know if someone is playing games with us.  But here’s what’s important…..we not retaliate with anger!  I trust there is a God in Heaven with Divine Guidance that is in control of all that is developing.  I choose to focus on love and forgiveness and move on.  If someone is playing games with us, I choose to not stoop to their level.

Let’s be instruments of love and grace……Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!  

There have been a number of new developments in the last week such as new forecasts from Mountain Goat and Zap.  Issues have also risen around the Non Disclosure Agreement.  Well talk about those as well as my recent newsletter on the Circle of Giving.

Live air time 6pm PT, 9pm ET

Call in phone #   646-716-8069 

Click the link here for the radio program live or archived.

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