Jan 8th Radio Program

Dave will Discuss Understanding the Big Picture on the Global Currency Reset

More and more professional sources are beginning to mention we are headed for a global financial collapse unless we have a global currency reset.  The latest is a You Tube interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Asst. U.S. Treasury Secretary during the Reagan Administration.

Dr. Roberts comes right out and says the Federal Reserve is manipulating the stock market and gold market and manipulating the financial press and media in the perspective it gives to the public.  He flat out says they are lying and cheating while leading us to a global currency collapse.  He mentions how he is shocked this is happening in a Democratic capitalists country and never thought he would see this I his lifetime!

Dave’s discusses this and the bigger picture of the currency exchange on tonight’s radio program.

Live air time 6pm PT, 9pm ET

Call in phone # 646-716-8069

Click here for the radio program live or archived:

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