March 19th, The RV is Unfolding!!!

Last week I mentioned the RV was underway, this week unfolding is a better word.

I mentioned the RV is a three step process.  First, the release of the bonds.  Second, the RV unfolding.  Third, the GCR.  The first step is done and is signified by some new developments that took place in the last week.  I’m attaching a 15 minute You Tube video entitled “The Freeing of Humanity.”  This video gives the history of much of the gold in SE Asia that was under the trustee control of President Seokarno, the former president of Indonesia.  The trustee control has been transferred to his son.  The video displays pictures of his son, one week ago signing a sheet of uncut new U.S. Treasury $1 bills.  These are new U.S. currencies to be backed by gold and to replace the current Federal Reserve notes.

It’s all underway and unfolding.  I’ll keep you posted if any new developments take place this week.  We’ll be discussing this and taking your questions on this weeks radio program.

Click here for the radio program, live at 6pm PT, 9am ET.

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