April 2nd, For Legal Reasons I had to Pull Tonight’s Radio Program

Tonight’s radio program created a firestorm.  For leagal reasons I had to pull it off the air.  Attacks, lies and threats to lives have taken place, here’s my statement!

When you choose to stand for the truth and want to do what you belive is best for others, you will always attract a corresponding response.

But in the end the truth always wins out, and the truth will always set you free.

I had invited a special guest to be on the program tonight, Okie, who is posted on a regular basis on the dinar blogs. I talked with him after the program and he is going to make his own statement to be posted on the blogs sites. But what I stated is true, he was going to come on the air but his life was threatened. I will let his statement stand for itself.

For legal purposes I had to remove tonights’ radio program from the air. I stand by all statements made about the authenticity of who was on the air and what they represent. PIF and others are for real and the RV is about to be released. I wish I could say more, but for legal and confidential reasons I cannot.

The people I talked with have been cashed out and others are currently being processed. The representative I had on the program is for real and he has been processing private transactions for months. Some are attacking the truth of those statements. In the near future the truth will come out regarding those who want to attack. Those who choose to trust will benefit from the higher rate.

People will choose to believe what they want. People will choose their perceptions based on what they want to believe. In the end truth always brings out the quality of character within us. Those who choose to attack reveal what’s really happening within them.

I can’t make you belive one way or the other, the choice is always yours. All I can say is our real truth and character comes out when we are near the finish line. Some will put their own noose around their own necks, some will create their own forms of sabotage. Some will benefit and grow because they choose to stand with truth and not attack. In the end truth always wins.

Thanks for understanding…….Dave!!!

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