May 21st, So…..Who Can Bring the RV into Reality?

It’s No Secret, I’m A Firm Believer in the Fact that Our Thoughts Create Our World…..Create the Reality We Experience.  That’s the Topic on This Week’s Radio Program.

Last week I talked about the ‘soap opera drama’ that surrounds much of the dinarland issues and reports.  For months I’ve talked about my two bottom line questions and if they are not adequately answered, then it’s all talk, it’s dinarland drama that does little to help the cause advance.  This week I’m discussing how our thoughts and comments add to that drama and we are the ones who ca bring this RV into existence.

In the past week there was an excellent post I’m placing here and in the newsletter.  It discusses how we are the ones who can bring this RV into existence by focusing our thoughts in the appropriate manner.  I say AMEN! to that!  Here’s the link to the article:

St Germain via Goldenlight 5-8-14 on the RV and GCR: You are All One and Manifesting this Positive Reality and Global Prosperity in the NOW

I’m also placing a 5 minute Youtube video in this post and my newsletter from the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?”  It’s the double slit experiment.  It displays how the observer, you and me, determine the substance of an event which is a collection of light wave data bits.  It’s the quantum physics foundation to how our thoughts create our world and our experiences.

Join us in this discussion on the radio program; live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived any time.

Click here for the radio program.

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