May 21st, How to Make $18 Million from the RV/GCR and Use the Best Tax Exemptions Available for U.S. Citizens

Yes, It Can Be Hard to Believe, but there is a Way to Make $18,000,000 in the RV/GCR and Pay 0% Capital Gains Taxes.

By using the reserve/lay-a-way system, Dave explains how to take $80 and turn it into $18 million.  Then he explains how Puerto Rico has become the best tax haven in the world for wealthy U.S. citizens.  Congress recently passed a law making it possible for U.S. citinzens who are willing to move to Puerto Rico to pay 0% in their capital gains taxs, savings millons of dollars.

Dave will discuss this and also have James Mendez, an authorzied broker/dealer in Puerto Rico as his guest.

Click here for the radio program live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived any time.

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