Oct. 1st, Radio Program in a New Location

The Radio Program is Moving to a New Location with a New Theme.  Website and Newsletter Remain the Same.

The newsletter from last week created a lot of concern and questions.  This in the video I clarify some issues and then make a statement of my opinion on the private exchanges.

I then announce a new theme of the weekly radio program and newsletters until we some some concrete change in the RV/GCR world.

The radio program will now be with “Doublewide Network.com”  They have different channels and I will be on Radio Star Worldwide.  Radio program is same time, live on Wed. nights at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived anytime.

Click here for the new radio program location.

For those wantng to download the program, go to he website, click on the RSS tab and it will bring the program up in a mp3 file format to save for listeniing at your convience.

Still plenty of room for the Seattle workshop on Oct. 4th.  I will post the Nashville location on Oct. 18th in a few days.

Click here for the workshop registration page.

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