Oct. 15th Update, Potential Shifts Are Coming

The Radio Program this Week Will Discuss Two Potential Issues Based on Upcoming Information.

Last week I received a phone call informing me of major shifts that are in the works.  These have the potential to become the required changes I have been talking about for over one year.  It this transpires, it is great news.  I’ll know more after I’m writing this update and the info should come before Wednesday’s radio program.  If I do not receive the update we’ll discuss how we process our discouragements and fears, the obstacles that keeps us from receiving what we desire in our lives.

New Radio Station Concerns

Many of you have sent emails regarding your inability to connect with the new radio program.  Two weeks ago our program was hacked, last week there were a few administrative errors we have corrected.

The program can be found on www.doublewidenetwork.comimage001If you enter the main web page, click on the “more shows” tab and I’m on the “Radiostar Worldwide” tab.  There you will see my logo.  You can click the tabs to listen to the program live or archived.  If you want to download the mp3 file, click on the “subscribe Dave” tab, it’s the RSS tab.  That will bring up the file link.  Others have mentioned you cannot move around in the program while it is playing.  You need to let the program completely download before you can to different places in the program.  I hope this helps.

Click here for the radio program website

new sedona_connection

Still plenty of room for the Nashville workshop on Oct. 18th.


Click here for the workshop registration page.

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