Oct 22nd Radio Program, Live Q&A with the Ambassador

The Ambassador of the Red Dragon Family will Join Us for a Live Q&A on this Week’s Radio Program.

This is your opportunity to call in and ask your questions.

I will start the program with some general questions about wAmbassador's Crest-2ho is the Red Dragon Family and what is their role in global finances, followed by general questions regarding their role in the RV/GCR.   I will also ask him to clarify last weeks statements regarding their taking control of the Federal Reserve and the IMF.  We will then open the phone lines for callers to ask their questions.

Click here for the radio prnew sedona_connectionogram.

Call this number for the program:  480-945-0475

Live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived anytime.

Also, the Ambassador joins us at each workshop in a live teleconference where shares much more information.  Seats available for the Nov 1st workshop in San Jose, CA

Click here for information on the registration page.

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