Oct 23rd, Follow Up to the Q&A Radio Program

Follow Up to the Q&A Radio Program with the Ambassador.  This is One Radio Program You Will want to Hear!!!

This was a special radio program.  Hundreds of emails have come in saying this is probably the best program Ambassador's Crest-2they have said this is probably the best program they have heard regarding the RV/GCR.  The Ambassador of the Red Dragon Family was our guest in a 2 hour Q&A program.  Some have said his description of the Red Dragon Family, their role in world financial affairs, and the upcoming RV/GCVR is the best to ever take place.

Some have said this program has laid a foundation explaining the upcoming shift and change we to experience in our world.

Once again our program was hacked.  Here’s part of the description that came from the staff at Doublewide Radio: 

I wanted to make you aware that we had programmers standing by and monitoring the entire show last night to trouble-shoot the abnormality we have been experiencing during your show.  Sure enough, your show is being cyber-attacked by at least one individual or group.  No doubt about it.  In fact, our programmer was standing by to continuously reset it and battle back.  It was quite a task for our programmer as it went on for nearly the entire first hour.………A bot “automated internet robot” is placed to continuously fool our system into believing that we are at capacity, therefore, not allowing more to log in.  Each time this happens over and over, our programmer quickly resets the system for an all new capacity.   Your only listeners who get caught not being able to log in are the ones who try to log in during the few seconds it takes for our programmer to reset the capacity each time during your show.  It is a constant fight, over and over.  This is an ongoing tennis match between our programmer and the cyber attacking “bot” for at least your first hour weekly, if not the entire show.

Obviously there are cabal forces at work that do not want you to hear what the The Ambassador and the Red Dragon Family is saying.new sedona_connection

Click here to for the MP3 file you can download.

Click here for the radio program. 


Also, the Ambassador joins us at each workshop in a live teleconference where shares much more information.
Seats available for the Nov 1st workshop in San Jose, CA

Click here for information on the registration page.

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