Nov. 19th, Update and Funding of Projects

Update on the Red Dragon Family’s Desire to Fund Humanitarian Aid Projects

This Saturday is the special seminar in Orlando, FL with a representative of the Red Dragon Family.  For security reasons I cannot say The Ambassador himself will be present, but minimally he will be with us in a live teleconference.  But, the Family’s representative that handles the processing of humanitarian aid projects will be with us all day.


Dave’s radio program on the Radio Star Worldwide Channel

new sedona_connectionThis individual has about 30 years experience in grant writing and funding large projects.  The Red Dragon Family’s interest in funding projects is the primary topic of the seminar and will be the focus of discussion in this week’s radio program.

Click here for the radio program, live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived anytime.

Ambassador's Crest-2

The Red Dragon Family Crest

While we are all waiting for the RV/GCR, the funding of projects is not dependent upon that event.  Logistics, team building and timing are the issues at hand.

If you have a passion for humanitarian aid projects and would like to see your passion become reality, you will want to listen to this program.

Click here for the Orlando seminar registration page.

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