Dec. 3rd, We Are Heading to China to Meet with the Family

The Ambassador Will be on the Radio Program this Week for a Q&A from Callers Regarding Funding for Projects.

Ambassador's Crest-2

The Red Dragon Family Crest

For well over a year I have been on this journey just as you, believing we were to embark on a path of financial change.  This journey has been one of faith, trusting what we have heard, but very little hard evidence and facts.  For months I have been having conversations with The Ambassador learning about The Family and their plans for humanity.  In the last two days, there was a shift.  I am now being allowed to have an experience so few will ever have in their lifetime.  Charla, my partner, and I have been invited to meet with the Red Dragon Family in China to discuss plans for the funding of projects.

The last two weeks have brought major changes.  The seminar in Orlando was the first announcement of The Family’s desire to fund projects from the ground up, using every day people like you and me.  We have started the first steps to set up the administrative infrastructure to release the funds.

This week, when The Ambassador invited Charla and I to travel to China to meet with The Family I was able to experience that shift.

Charla and I at the Orlando seminar during a live teleconference with The Ambassador

Charla and I at the Orlando seminar during a live teleconference with The Ambassador

I was able to experience from a practical perspective things are about to change.  So, yes, as the song goes, “my bags are packed and I’m ready to go, I’m leaving on a jet plane.”  Charla and I already have our plane tickets.

While I cannot give you the dates and places, it is very soon and there is a possibility one of the next couple of radio programs may be from inside China.  The Ambassador also mentioned we may have a special guest while there.  I cannot give specifics as much is still unfolding, but this is an obvious change, a shift from constructive talk to actual planning and meetings to implement action steps for the funding of projects.

We are also working out details for me to bring back some 96practical evidence of this funding.  Evidence that will help people shift from hope to reality.  So, this is obviously going to be an interesting journey.

On another note, The Ambassador join us on the radio program for a live Q&A.  He will take your calls regarding the funding program.  This is one program you will want to hear.

The radio program is live at 6PM, pacific time, 9PM enew sedona_connectionastern time, or archived any time.

Click here for the radio program website.

Call in number:  480-945-0475


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