Dec 10th…….We Are in Hong Kong for Meetings With the Dragon Family

Charla and Arrived in Hong Kong on Sunday.  We are Here for About One Week to Become Acquainted with the Dragon Family.

Ambassador's Crest-2

The Dragon Family Crest

Last week I mentioned we’d be traveling to China.  This week we are in Hong Kong to start becoming acquainted with the Dragon Family.

As mentioned in the video, this is the very first step of a long process of a journey of freedom, a journey of humanity becoming free from centuries of financial slavery.  This week our goal is becoming acquainted with The Family to start an ongoing relationship for this journey.

We will be giving as many details as we can at this time on the radio program.  new sedona_connectionWe will be broadcasting live from Hong Kong.  It’s a little different for us as it will be 10am on Thursday morning as you are listening live on Wednesday night.

Call in with your comments and questions or you can listen live at 6pm pacific time, 9pm eastern time or archived anytime.

Click here for the radio program website.

Call in number:  480-945-0875

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