Feb. 4th Update, Heading Back to China

Charla and I Will Be Out of Country for an Extended Period of Time.  We will Keep You Posted as We Are Allowed.

Thank you to everyone who attended the workshop in Sedona, another wonderful and very powerful event for all who attended.

Q&Q time with The Ambassador as he shows us some photos

Q&A time with The Ambassador as he shows us some photos


Dave and Charla during Q&A session

A room full of wonderful people

A room full of wonderful people

When you have a newsletter list of more than 10,000 people, you receive a variety of information, responses and opinions for many different perspectives.  During this time I have learned to look for similarities and trends from these many different perspectives.  What I’m noticing is10511065_10203097541334240_1947781891299007046_n we are definitely in a period of shift and transition.  About one month ago I talked about a shift in energy, it is being confirmed by hundreds of responses from different sources.  Now, we are sensing an increase in what I would refer to as dark activity, or attacks against a stronger spiritual or light agenda.

Please be praying for The Red Dragon, his fellow senior elders and The Ambassador.  They are noticing this increase in activity as well and much of

The Dragon Family Crest

The Dragon Family Crest

the dark energetic attack is being directed toward them.  We are being asked to take extra caution in safety and security issues for ourselves during this time of travel.

The old saying “it is always darkest before the dawn” may be upon us, but this something that may extend for a few months, not just a few weeks.  We will know more as it transpires.

The positive thing is the signs are developing in multiple places if you know what to look for.  Through all of this, stay positive, stay calm and stay in the 402165_379141748767112_1670221102_nplace of peace as we let all these dark activities “passover” us, pass on by as we are being prepared for a new dawn coming our way.

The radio programs will be broadcast from China as internet connections will allow us to do so.

Click here for the program, live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived anytime.



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