Feb. 14th, Special Report from China

The Journey Continues to be an Excellent Experience!

Thank you for watching/reading this newsletter from our trip to China.  By the time you watch this video, a few days will have passed and we will be traveling to another location.

The day before we left our last location, we had a meeting with a senior member of the Dragon Family.  I shared with him an email of a vicious attack that had been written against The Ambassador and myself.  His response was one of grace, and definitely caused me to reflect on what this journey is all about.

After reflective thought he responded, “We know who we are, we have no need to be concerned with such small and negative comments and actions.”

What a powerful statement, because they know who they are, they are not bothered or disturbed by such statements of attack and aggression, but will take appropriate action when necessary.

Those types actions are the result of not knowing our true identities as people who are Divine in our very nature. 
Aggression, attacks, killings, wars, judgements, etc are the result of reacting from a position of ignorance and insecurity.  We’ve all been there, it is a result of being a part of the human race.  The key to life is releasing all the the egoic thoughts and habits and moving into a place of knowledge and peace.

It is the process of forgiveness that heals all the old past issues, cleanses all the old habit patterns of ignorance, and allows us to transition into being in a place of peace and love toward each other.

After his comments, the senior Family member stated, it is the heart that is the most important.  We, as a Family, have no need of money, status, power or importance.  It is the heart condition that we look for, those are the people that we are wanting to join with us.

In my communications and newsletters I have evolved more and more to doing the best I can to be that conduit for you.  I am not concerned with how many people I have on my newsletter list, how many watch the You Tube videos, etc.  I  am looking for the quality, the people who are focused on a quality of a heart condition, people who know who they are.  Those that wish to aggress, attack, judge and make repeated negative comments, you will find yourself being uncomfortable and somewhat out of place in this environment.  It is always your choice, and there is always room for growth in all of us, as I include myself in that statement.

A collective group of people with good hearts, good intentions, who have let go of old egoic attachments, can accomplish much more than millions of people who are still struggling to find an identity of meaning within themselves.

While on this trip, I have been in touch with The Ambassador and other senior members of The Family multiple times each day.  I am more convinced than ever that they are looking for people who have good hearts and clear hearts to join them in this endeavor to bring about a new world for all of us.

This journey has been wonderful and it continues to get better week after week.

I receive scores of links, posting and referrals every week from many of you.  Every once in a while one stands out.  This week one by John Smallman caught my attention.  It inspired the video message in this newsletter, I encourage you to read it.  The link will take you to his blog, the Feb. 11th posting.  It’s a message he received from Jesus entitled “Today’s Message is Therefore:  “Let Go of Fear.”  Click here for the link to John’s blog.

We are all in this journey together, let’s enjoy the path each and every day!



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