March 18th, Understanding Our Journey of Faith

This Journey has Gone Through Many Changes, but in he Process we Are Still Here with Much to Trust and Believe In.

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There is a great deal of change that is happening around us. Most of us entered this RV/GCR process with certain expectations. But, we have to ask ourselves how reliable was the information we were basing our 10511065_10203097541334240_1947781891299007046_nexpectations upon. For months I have been saying very little of the information coming from the blog writers could not be trusted. I’m not saying it was deliberate misinformation, but I am saying most of their sources were unreliable. For the most part they are just reporting what the are receiving and it’s all they have to go on.

Through all this change it could be easy to quit, give up, think all this is just a sham and want to leave. Many will and others are starting to do that. But, in this video message today I talk about the journey of faith.

Faith is the ability to see beyond the obstacles, beyond the doubt, beyond402165_379141748767112_1670221102_n the critics and still have a realistic hope in what is transpiring. It does not ask us to belive in illusions, but it does ask us to see beyond what seems to be an impossibility. Faith is what brings the unseen into the seen world. Faith is what chooses to hope when critics and negativity seems to be all around us.
I will discuss this in more detail on this week’s radio program. I invite you to call in with your comments and sedona_connection

Click here for the radio program, live at 6 pm PT, 9pm ET on Wednesday nights, or archived anytime.


We still have plenty of seats for the hosted workshop in Luverne, MN on March 21st. Luverne is a small farming community about 30 miles east of Sioux Falls, SD. Come and join us

Click here for the workshop registration page.

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