March 25th, RV Update, Yes, It is Transpiring

We Started this Journey of Faith Believing in the RV of the Iraqi Dinar.  Here’s an Overview and Update.

Almost all of us started this journey of faith believing in the RV of Iraqi dinar coupled with the GCR and the RV of the Vietnamese 10511065_10203097541334240_1947781891299007046_ndong.

Some of you have been involved in this for close to 10 years while others are just getting started.  Either way we have all seen and read the reports come from a number of different sources with opinions all over the map regarding the timing and logistics of this endeavor.  Some voices are just louder than others, but it does not substantiate or give truth to their stories or sources.

For close to 1 1/2  years I have been saying, “follow the money.”  If you really want to understand what is happening in this endeavor, follow the source of money and ask the question of who is going to pay for this RV/GCR.

Once you start looking at the facts and begin to do the math you

gold bars in rows the size of multiple soccer fields in a secure location near Hong Kong

gold bars in rows the size of multiple soccer fields in a secure location near Hong Kong


can only come to one conclusion:  The only place on earth the funds exists to pay for this RV/GCR is with the Dragon Family in China.  All the money traces back to them; no exceptions.

With that being the case, anything else being reported is either insignificant chatter or deliberate disinformation.

There are different stories regarding the substantiation of this  Dragon Family, and yes some of them are legitimate.  But, most of the confusion comes from family members at the lower levels and they have no authority in decision-making or disbursing of funds, but they love to tell their stories.  Dragon Family decisions are made by a council of elders and carried out administratively by a handful of senior elders and administrators at the very top of the family structure.

The Ambassador for the Family is one of those top-level administrators.  I have been in touch with him multiple times each

The Dragon Family Crest

The Dragon Family Crest

week for close to 9 months.  Since December of 2014 Charla and I have also traveled to China twice to meet personally with the senior elders and to Europe to meet personally with The Ambassador.

The Family contacted us, we did not pursue them and they invited us to meet with them, we did not ask for those appointments.  We believe this to be a divine assignment in our lives and we report to you the ongoing events as we are allowed to do so.

In the last year Charla and I have conducted 19 workshops around the country.  We are able to share information at these events that we cannot allow to shared publicly on the internet.  Everyone of these events have been a very powerful experience for those new sedona_connectionattending.  I have a policy that anyone can come for a very low scholarship rate if they are willing to make the effort to find their way to the location.  We have never excluded anyone due to lack of finances, all are welcome.

These workshops are expanding in their purpose of developing a community of like-minded people as we endeavor to be instruments of helping to change out world.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!!!



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