April 24th Special Report, Project Funding and Ambassador Updates

In the Last Two Days there have been New Developments.  The Ambassador Will be Returning to this Radio Program and Presentations for Project Funding Will Very Shortly be Put on Hold.


Yesterday The Ambassador received a phone call with news he had been anticipating for some time.  This has changed his schedule and he will very soon in his own words become a “gypsy.”  This actually good news.  Therefore project presentations, or “elevator pitchs”  will be limited to two more sessions and then put on hold for an extended period of time.

Go to the www.truevisionofpeace.com website for instruDragonLogoBanner1ctions and directions on making your presentations.  Crystal, the team administrator will take your email and questions.



The Ambassador was on Charla’s radio program yesterday, I would encourage you to listen to capture the heart of The Ambassador as he represents The Dragon Family.

Click here for the link to Charla’s program.

The Ambassador will be back on my radio program next week.  It will nice to have him back.

The Dragon Family Crest

The Dragon Family Crest

As of today, Charla and I will be going back to China the day after our workshop in San Jose.

This phone call The ambassador received is big news.  We are not at liberty to give details.  But so many things we have been waiting for are beginning to unfold behind the scenes.  In due time they will all come to the forefront.

I am not at liberty to give details, but down the road you will see it will be in your best interest to a have attended one of my workshops.  There are still plenty of seats for San Jose on May new sedona_connection2nd.  We will be in Atlanta on May 16th and tentatively in Minneapolis on May 23rd.  After that we cannot schedule anything into the foreseeable future.  We don’t plan on becoming “gypsys” like The Ambassador, but we may be preoccupied with other developments working for The Ambassador.

Click here for the workshop information and registration page.

On another positive note.  I had encouraged ZAP to contact me on the radio program on Wednesday night.  We have emailed back and forth and will soon be talking via phone.  That is a very positive development.

Stay tuned, keep praying and be anticipating.  Things are changing behind the scenes and will in due time come to the forefront.


Blessings to all!!!   Dave

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