May 20th Report with The Ambassador from China

We are still in China this week.  The attached video is a quick message from Dave and The Ambassador.

We are still in a quiet time with various meetings in China.  A report was made that The Ambassador has experienced a heart attack while here.  Charla, myself and others were with him when it happened.  It was more of a severe stress reaction.  He had been overworking for about 2 weeks, had no sleep on a 17 hour flight, had not eaten enough and took some medication on an empty stomach.  Those all added up to a reaction upon his body that seemed like a very mild heart attack.  They did a number of tests in the hospital as a precaution and all is well.  He basically needed some good ‘ol sleep and rest.

Progress is being made on various issues behind the scenes and all is well.  We will do a more comprehensive report when we return from our trip.

There will be no radio program this week.

Charla has her Y.E.S. conference in Dallas/Ft. Worth on June 12th & 13th.  The following video explains more.


When we return from China, The Ambassador will resume his time for project presentations.  Funds are being moved and all things are looking good for project funding.  DragonLogoBanner1I would encourage you to consider this opportunity.  All questions and administration of the projects are done bu the True Vision of Peace team.  You may go to their website, for more information.


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