Freeing Ourselves from the Oppression of Debt

Few things in our lives can be more oppressing than the weight of excessive debt.  New archeological evidence coming form researchers are displaying the history of money.  It has been planned for thousands of years by powerful rulers to be used as a tool to keep us in a form of financial slavery.

We are now learning of a completely legal manner to eliminate much of our debt.  In this video I talk about the importance of financial freedom, show clips from a video from Michael Tellinger liberty debt affiliationwho talk about the history of financial slavery and then I give a brief introduction to David Fairmont, the developer of the Liberty Debt Elimination program.

David Fairmont is my guest on the radio program this week.  We discuss the topic of financial slavery and introduce his program, The Liberty Debt Elimination system and how to use it to free yourself from the oppression of debt in a completely legal manner.

Click here for the information and sign up page for the Liberty Debt Elimination program.

temp_file_sedonaitunes1Click here for the radio program, live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived anytime.



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