Dec. 16th, Blanca is Hosting the Radio Program this Week

Dave is away on vacation in Maui so Blanca will host the program this week.


Her Guests are David Mackenzie and Susan Perkins

They are a medical Intuitive team who serve as health advocates assisting people in claiming their own intuitive knowing, wisdom and sacred guidance.Blanca

David & Susan help bridge the gap in your understanding between the physical, mental, emotional, environmental, relational and spiritual levels which allow you to gain more information and insight needed to accelerate your healing process.  

David was born a Medical Intuitive. Every aspect of my life, since day one, has contributed to the skills I use in this prayerful work, communicating exactingly what I perceive within and around those I work with.

Susan works alongside David weaving the information into a useful set of action steps and contributing from her own experience of healing from a near death experience.

They both come from radically different backgrounds this great contrast of their histories gives them a great capacity to be with a wide variety of people.

They don’t operate from a formula. Their success with people is based on becoming fully present to the sacredness of each person. In doing so, everyone can know with certainty they are not junky they come from LIFE itself. Those they work with are connected directly to a vast bank of wisdom that is truly who they are. They assist people in reclaiming the sacredness they’ve been convince isn’t them.

Click here for the radio program, live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived anytime.

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