Dec. 23rd, No Radio Program, but Lots of Info

There is No Radio Program this Week, but Some Important Announcements.


But, this week I am Posting a Copy of When I was on the Discovery Channel Two Years Ago.

About 5 months after I moved to te Sedona area, I caugt a UFO on video.  It appeared for about 35 minutes over the Verde Valley,  I captured about 2 1/2 minutes of that on video.  An independent and objective analyis was done of  the video and it was legellay classified as a true UFO.  That lead to being on a one hour segment on the Discovery Channel that has been seen by over 35 million people.

Here is the initial video I caught on camera.

Here is the Discovery Channel program.

Also, Two Weeks Ago When I was in Maui, I met with Rob Potter 20151215_191737 1and was Interviewed for His Radio Program, “The Promise Revealed.”  It will be Played on Thusday 4pm PT, 7pm ET, Click here for the Link to His Website:

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