Feb. 3rd, This Week We Discuss the Global Economic Shifts and How they are Related to the RV/GCR

RV/GCR Update in Conjunction with Global Economic Conditions


In tonights radio progarm we will expand on my comments on gloabl economic conditions and how they relate to the RV/GCR. 

Also, in the recent weeks in my series with Janet and Sasha Lession, I mentioned their contact with a gentleman named Michale Lee Hill. 

Michael is a real life Nephilim, and human/Annunaki hybird.  This has ben proven by his blood test by Harvard medical professors that displays a very abmormal blood type. 

I have been in contact with Michael and he will be my guest live on next week’s radio progarm.  This is one program you will not want to miss.

Click here for the radio program, at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived anytime

Live call in number:  347-850-1424.

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