Special Announcement Regarding the Jan. 13th Seminar in Phoenix

Our special seminar on Jan. 13th is moving forward as planned.



Jason’s father recently had a very serious stroke.  He has gone to North Carolina to be with him.  He is committed to staying until he recovers or passes on.

He made an announcement he would not be able to make it.  But, we have come to a good compromise.  Jason will make every effort to be with us in person.  If his father’s health deems his presence, he will still be with us via a live teleconference.  He will still do his videos, chart presentations, etc. and will be available for live Q&A either in person or via the teleconference.

Jason also wanted me to announce this will be his last live conference, after this one he will no longer do live presentations.  This is your opportunity to be with him during his Q&A sessions.


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