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Dave Schmidt

Dave Schmidt has a unique background, someone you wouldn’t expect to be disDave 59th Bday Weekend 014cussing metaphysical or ‘higher energy’ issues combined with money and finance. Dave spent 20 years in politics, including 12 years in the WA State Legislature, finishing as a State Senator. The other side is Dave’s spiritual and financial backgrounds. He has a B.A. in Religion and a M.A. in Theology. Dave spent 12 years in active church ministry prior to his years in politics, and he combines all of that with an original career in banking and finance which includes 19 years as a market trader.  And yes, he was a church minister and a politician who came to understand and have a great empathy and communication with both sides of the political isle.  This is displayed in how he discusses metaphysical and cutting edge issues.  Dave likes to call himself, “a recovering Senator,” where he has learned there is life beyond political opinions.  He can be as unique as Sedona; they are a good ‘fit.’ Communicating with others and discussing ‘meaning of life’ issues has always been his love. You’ll see it and hear it as you join us on The Sedona Connection.

The Sedona Connection Workshops, Newsletters and Radio Programs

Each week Dave does a newsleter and coresponding radio progarm on Wednesday nights.  All this info is sent via the newsletter the day before and posted on this website.  The majority of the newseltter content is done via videos which are posted on his You Tube channel.  In Nov. 0f 2015, after a short 2 years, Dave passed the one million mark on You Tube views.

Dave also conducts live workshops around the country which have proven from attendee comments on the Facebook pa12105714_753491304756014_8970190477066190466_nges to be some of the best many of them have ever attended.  He has done over 90 workshops in about 4 years.

So, why do we live in a world of such violence, wars, financial slavery and domination of power over others?  Where do these behaviors and influences originate?  Dave’s background has opened the door for a journey into understanding many of these questions.  During his own path of understanding the currency exchange, Dave was able to develop relationships with sources of the world’s gold and financial control.  The Dragon Families, a combination of the royal bloodlines from around the world but headquartered in China, have been the custodians and record keepers of the shadow world’s finances for thousands of years.  This is becoming substantiated by new discoveries from ancient archeological records.

The earth and our world are moving into a new era, a new age of growth and development.  Dave describes this change, and what it means for us as a human race moving forward with this new development.  Dave believes we are moving into the new “Golden Age” where the world’s gold and resources will be released for a shift and change to our planet and our world.  Dave has countless photos of this gold that is beyond most people’s comprehension.  This gold has been kept hidden from the public for thousands of years and is kept in custody by “keepers” at various locations around the world.  This gold and this story are now ready to be disclosed.  While this may be difficult for some to understand it is substantiated in historical records, books and documents that are a part of the “shadow world” we live in.  It’s time for humanity to be released from its millennia of financial slavery.  This will not happen overnight, we will likely see this change phase in gradually over the next 10 to 15 years.

In his third part of the workshop Dave describes what it takes for us as humans to enhance this process.  He describes the power of the human mind and human thought, the issues that influence change.  We are seeing the emergence of a new science, the science of memetics.  It’s all about the energy impulses distributed by the human mind that creates and influences all of experiences.  Dave explains how the power and energy of human thought determines everything we experience on a daily basis.  He describes the science behind the concept of ‘change your thoughts and you do change your world.’

Sedona…….It’s All About the ‘Energy.’

Sedona, AZ is a wonderful place, or should we say a unique place. It is coIMG_20130723_164914nsidered one of the most beautiful places in America, let alone the world. A community of a little more than 35,000 year-round residents, yet it attracts over 4 million visitors per year. Most of them do not come for just the physical beauty; they come for what they call “the energy.”

Sedona has becDSC_2451ome the ‘new thought’ capital of the world. There are more metaphysical healers, practitioners, psychics, etc. here than anywhere else in America. It is also described there are more UFO/starship sightings in the greater Sedona area than anywhere else in the America. Coincidence? Those living here don’t think so. It’s all about the energy; energy that vibrates at a higher frequency than most other places, an energy that helps some get ‘in touch’ with higher vibration entities and communications, both with the outside world and inside themselves.

Why this energy in Sedona?  Part of iIMG_0070t is the natural geography.  Sedona is called the “Red Rock Country.”  It’s about a 12 mile diameter of beautiful red rocks that are filled with iron, an energy conductor.  Underground are high concentrations of quartz crystals, also high energy conductors.  Combined, the iron and quartz act like energetic magnets, pulling the earth’s electronic magnetic field into a higher concentration, making everything in this small area vibrate at a slightly higher frequencies than anywhere else in North and Central America.



A vortex tree designated by the spiral in the bark. A normal tree bark is straight up and down.

In Sedona they call it a vortex. Vortices are known to enhance or accelerate whatever energy that is in its vicinity. For some it’s wonderful, for others it only enhances whatever problems they may be experiencing at that time. When you come to Sedona and tune into this energy, it will let you intuitivly know what is going inside your life.  So join Dave in The Sedona Connection as he discusses higher consciousness issues of ‘vortex’ energy that takes us a step beyond the ‘regular’ plane of existence.


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