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July 30th Report

July 27th Report

July 20th, Update on Hong Kong trip

July 13th report

June 30th, the History of the Gold

June 29th, Who’s Got the Gold

June 22nd Report

June 15th, The World of the Money Changers

Sept. 2nd Report

Aug. 26th, Report, World Changes

Aug. 19th Report, Upcoming Changes

Aug. 12th, No Newsletter, No Report

Aug. 5th Report

July 29th Report

July 22nd Report

July 15th Report

July 13th, Ambassador Press Release

July 8th Report

July 1st Report

June 24th Report

June 17th Report

June 10th Report

June 5th Special Report

June 3rd Report

May 27th Report

May 20th Report

May 13th Report

May 6th Report

April 29th Report

April 27th Important Update

April 24th Report

April 22nd Report

April 15th Report

San Jose Workshop

April 8th Report

April 1st report

March 25th Update

March 18th Update

March 11th Update

Luverne, MN workshop

March 4th Update

Dallas/Ft. Worth Workshop on Marchh 14th Update

Feb. 25th Update

Dallas/Ft. Worth workshop on March 14th

Feb. 18th Update

Feb. 14th Update

Feb. 11th Update

Feb. 7th Update

Feb. 4th Update

Jan. 28th, Recap and Comments

Jan. 21st, Changes Are Underway

Jan. 14th, Discussing Changes

Sedona Workshop, Jan. 31st.

Jan. 7th, The Ambassador discusses other interviews

Dec. 31st Update

Boston Workshop on Jan. 17th

Dec. 24th, Trip to Hong Kong and Europe

Dec. 17th, Updaate from Europe

Dec. 10th, In Hong Kong Meeting with The Family

Dec. 3rd, Heading to China

Nov. 26th, First Step in Projecs Being Funded

Cleveland Workshop, Dec. 6th

Nov. 19th, Update and Funding Projects

Nov. 12th, Expecting World Changes

One Day Seminar with The Family

Nov. 5th Q&A with The Ambassador

Denver, Nov. 15th workshop

Oct. 29th Update

Oct. 23rd, Follow Up

Oct. 22nd, The Ambassador on a live Q&A

Oct. 16th, Special Report

Oct. 15th Update

San Jose workshop, Nov. 1st

Oct. 8th Update

Nashville Workshop, Oct. 18th

Sept. 30th, Public Statement

Oct. 1st Update

Sept. 24th Update

Seattle, Oct. 4th Workshop

Sept. 17th Update

Sept. 10th, Update

Sept. 3rd, Illusion or Reality

Registration Now Open for Orlando Workshop

Aug. 27th, The Ambassador is My Guest

Aug. 20th, Correction and reassessment

Workshop Schedule

Aug. 13th, Shifting to the Power of Knowledge

Aug. 6th Radio Program was Hacked

Aug 6th, What Are Your Plans for the RV/GCR funds

July 30th, Changing Our World, Part 3

July 23rd, Changing Our World, Part 2

Come to Sedona for the Aug. 9th workshop

July 16th, The Family’s Vision for Changing Our World

July 9th, An Interview with the Ambassador of the Dragon Family

July 2nd Update, Projecting Our Outcomes

Quick Update, June 29th

June 25th, Update

June 18th Update, No Radio Program

June 11th, Update to the Radio Program

June 11th, Open Discussion on the Dong Private Excahnge

June 8th, Update, Instructions for the Private Dong Exchange

June 7th, Instructions and Forms for the Private Dong Excahnge

June 4th Update, New Developments

So. California Worskhop Update

May 28th, Preliminary Discussion on the Exchange Details

May 21st Update, How to Make $18 Million in the RV/GCR and Use the Best Tax Exemptions Available  

May 14th Update, We Are the Ones Who Can Bring this RV into Existence

May 7th Update, Is the New Data Just Another Round Rumor and Chatter?

April 30th Update. The Logistics of the RV is Done

April 23rd Update; The RV Process with the UST

April 16th Update and preparing for the Change

April 11th, Dong Private Exchange Opportunity

April 9th Update

April 7th, The Workshop on April 27th in Philadelphia

April 2nd, The RV is Going Public

March 26th Guest; Exogen and Weekly Update

March 19th, Quick Update for the Workshop

March 19th, The RV is Unfolding

March 12th, Did I Really Say the RV is Underway?  Yes!!!  Here’s Why!

March 6th, Could This Be It?  Quick Update

March 5th, How Events in the Ukraine are Impacting the Global Currency Reset.

Feb. 26th Radio Program, Weekly Recap and General Discussion

Feb. 24th, Managing the Millionaire Within You, March 23rd Workshop

Feb. 19th, Jester is Dave’s Guest on the Radio Program

Feb. 12th, Recap, Update and New Intel

Feb 5th, Transitioning to Wealth and Abundance, part 2

Jan 29th, After the RV, Transitioning to Wealth and Abundance

Jan. 22nd, Why the Continual C/E Delays and How to Handle Them

Jan. 15, The Global Currency Collaspe, Understanding the Big Picture, Part 2

Jan 13th Update, Slow News Week, Be Aware of False Info

Jan 8th, Radio Program, Understanding the Global Currency Reset

Jan 6th, Comments and a Correction

Jan. 5th, Update and Correction

Dec. 29th, Pre-New Year Update

Dec. 23rd,  Comments on the Federal Reserve

Dec. 22nd, Follow Up

Dec. 19th Update, It May Be Here!!!

Dec. 17th, Full “Unvovering Aliens” TV Program on You Tube

Dec. 12th Update, Video and Opinion on the RV

Dec. 9, 2013, Dave On National TV; Discovery Channel

Dec. 3, 2013, Straight Talk on the NDA

Nov, 26, 2013, New Developments on the NDA!

Nov. 25, 2013, Wisdom Thoughts for Today!!!

Nov. 22, 2013, New Direction in What’s Developing!!!

Nov. 19, 2013, How Close Are We? Dates, Rates and Other Issues
Once Again!!!

Nov. 11, 2013, THIS MAY BE IT!!!  KEEPING WATCH!

Nov. 7, 2013, Quick Update:  Is the Reval Happening?

Nov. 6, 2013  What Are the C/E Rates?  Time for a Reality Checkup!

Oct. 30th, Summary of the Transforming Article.

Oct. 12, 2013, What’s Going on with the Currency Exchange?  Reality vs. Speculation

Oct 8, 2013, Thoughts on the NDA Issue

Oct. 6, 2013, Group Rate Clarification

Oct. 6, 2013, Update on the Group Rate, the 800# and Bank Relations

Oct. 2, 2013, Request from Dave, The Sedona Connection

Sept 29, 2013 Currency Exchange Update

Sept, 29, 2013 Introduction to Dave’s Newsletters

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