Special Announcement Regarding the Jan. 13th Seminar in Phoenix

Our special seminar on Jan. 13th is moving forward as planned.



Jason’s father recently had a very serious stroke.  He has gone to North Carolina to be with him.  He is committed to staying until he recovers or passes on.

He made an announcement he would not be able to make it.  But, we have come to a good compromise.  Jason will make every effort to be with us in person.  If his father’s health deems his presence, he will still be with us via a live teleconference.  He will still do his videos, chart presentations, etc. and will be available for live Q&A either in person or via the teleconference.

Jason also wanted me to announce this will be his last live conference, after this one he will no longer do live presentations.  This is your opportunity to be with him during his Q&A sessions.


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Dec. 14th, Program Audio

The Previous Program Experienced Technical Difficulites

Well, it appeared the “gremlins” showed up in last night’s program.  We do all of our audio and video checks before the program started and all was working correctly.  Within a few minutes after program time Blog Talk radio went silent with on my end and Facebook video went into a snow effect.

The Facebook audio was good.  I downloaded the program to an mp3 audio file so you can listen to the complete program.


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Dec. 13th Update

On This Program We will Go Back to Facebook Live Streaming and Blog Talk Radio.

Dave will give a short update on the currency exchange, talk about the energy shift we are experiencing and how this impacts our relationship with money.  He will follow the a live Q&A.  You may email your questions in advance if you are not able to call into the program.

The program is live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET.  Live call in number:  515-605-9356.

  Click Here for Facebook Live Streaming

  Click Here for Blog Talk Radio


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Video Recording of the Dec. 6th Program

Here is the Video Recording of the Dec. 6th Program

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Dec. 9th Update Program

This Week Dave Will Discuss Recent Updates and How they React with Potential Changes to Our Economy

The Program Venue Will Be Changing.  I Am Trying “Go To Webinar” and “Go To Meeting” Instead of Facebook and Blog Talk Radio.


Here is the difference, Go To Webinar allows you to watch the video and participate in the program.  Attendees are limited to 500.

You must pre-register for this service.  You may do that anytime, with the email comes the link instructions and the phone number and pin code for those wanting to listen by phone.

The Dec. 6th program using this service is full.

Go To Meeting allows you to just listen by audio.  You can listen on your computer or phone.  No pre-registration is required for this program.  Below are the links to listen using Go To Meeting.  You can access this at program time.

You may join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (646) 749-3131

Access Code: 545-798-149

Ok, this should work for anyone wanting to join the program tonight.

Join us live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived anytime.

A video recording of the program will be available here a few hours after the live program.





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Nov. 29th Update

The Live Program this Week was Stopped Due to Disruptions from Outside Sources.  We were fine when we started and then after a few minutes we went blank on Blog Talk Radio.


Join us Live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or Archived Anytime.

Live Call in Number:  515-605-9356

  Click Here for Blog Talk Radio

  Click Here for Live Streaming on Facebook

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Nov. 22nd, No Program This Week as it is Thankgiving Eve.

Nov. 22nd

We will not be having a program this Wednesday evening as it is Thanksgiving Eve.  I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.



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