Periodically I Refer to Specific Books, Recordings, Documents or Other Reference Items.  Some of Them Are Listed Here

The Five Interviews of Dr. Jamison Neruda found on the site.  These interviews are a part of the story of the Labyrinth Group, and unrecognized extension of the ACIO (Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization), a department of the NSA.

The initial story is found in the book, “Ancient Arrow Project,”  a recommended pre-reading to understand the background of the interviews.

These interviews were finished in January 1998.  The first four were released immediately, the fifth interview, discussing material so advanced was held and not released until 16 years later in 2014.

These documents are in PDF format.

First Nereuda Interview

Second Neruda Interview

Third Neruda Interview

Fourth Neruda Interview

Fifth Neruda 

Wes Penre Sources, Click Here for his website,

Click here for his 454 page PDF book on the upcoming artificial intelligence world