Workshop Registration and Information Page for Sedeona, AZ on April 8th

Registration is Now Open for the Sedona, AZ Workshop on April 8th.

Please Note, the Charlotte, NC Worskhop on Mar. 18th is SOLD OUT!!

Location is the Beautiful New Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Sedona.  It is direclty accross the street from the high school.

Click here for the hotel website with map and directions.

New Information and Details Regarding the Complete Picture and Purpose of the RV/GCR



Scroll Down for Workshop Information, Registration Payment, Schedule and Agenda

Are we ready for the “New Paradigm of Money and Life?”  We all want to experience and benefit from the upcoming RV/GCR, you wouldn’t be reading this information if you did not!  But, the question is…….do we know what to do when the shift takes place?  This workshop will give you the reason behind the RV/GCR, and the part we are playing in this World-Changing-Event.  We will talk about the shift in the role money and banks play in changing our world.  We will also discuss the potential strategies and plans to maximize your personal benefit.  In the last session we will discuss how to use your money to attract joy, happiness and fulfillment into you life… well as helping others in creating a new and better world.

Here’s what previous attendees have to say:

P.L. from Texas
Dave just wanted to thank you again for providing the scholarship.  It was an AWESOME meeting; I didn’t want it to end.  Good information; great comaradrie? among all the folks there.  BS from Ft. Worth, TX
This past weekend, March 23rd, 2014… I can’t say or thank you enough.  I would recommend your meeting for all regardless of how much or how little they know.  For those who think they are lacking in knowledge will learn much, for those that have been in this for awhile and longer will take away great nuggets of knowledge.  What was truly the icing on the cake was meeting all the other attendees.   It was great to meet Cow Town friends and friends from BC, DC UT, LA,TX….
I loved the seminar, it was very energetic and powerful i felt.  I truly appreciate your great characterKL from Texas
What an awesome and informative seminar, if you have not attended one of these chock full of information events get signed up for one Coming!!! at a City and State near you. WOW!!! TS from Potsville, PA

Costs: Pre-registration: 

Individual: $129      

Couple: $99 each (applies to any two or more registering together)

You may reserve your pre-registration seat with a deposit of $50 for each individual, with balance paid at the door.  All deposits and registrations are non-refundable.

Click on the “Pay Now” button to reserve your seat today!

You may ignore the “quantity” box and just enter the dollar total for deposit or payment of all attendees.


Your payment or deposit acts as your registration and receipt. Make sure your response email is included in your PayPal payment.  In the note window, list attendees names and any special needs information.  You will receive a confirmation email a couple of days before the event.  If you wish to pay by check, send an email to with “workshop registration” in the subject line.  Please include a contact phone number.  We will contact you to manually process your registration.  For some the “Pay Now” tab does not work correctly.  This is usually due to how your browser/computer accepts ‘cookies.’  If you have a problem making payment, clear your cache, reboot your computer or try a different browser.  We can process you payment from our end if that does not work. Send us an email to contact you at

Limited scholarships seats for $35 each will be set aside on a first come, first served basis.  Contact Dave at to add your name to the scholarship list.

Registration for each location is posted via a newsletter about 2 to 3 weeks before the event.

Workshop Agenda:

Doors Open at 8:30 am.  Workshop starts at 9:30 am.  Last session ends at 5 pm.

1st session: 9:30 am – 11:30 am; The Coming Financial Revolution

The history of a financial slavery imposed by the Federal Reserve, how it relates to us in our every day lives and what this new financial freedom means for you, me and the world.  Understanding where we have been is imperative to freeing ourselves and bringing change to our current and future world.

Lunch Break:  11:30 am – 1 pm

2nd session:  1 pm – 3 pm;  The New Paradigm of Money, What is Happening in Our World and Where Is All this Gold Coming From?

In this session we talk about the history of these new funds and the gold htat is backin git up.  Who is the Dragon Family, where did they come from and what is their role in this changing world.  Historical background and pictures of Family assets are shared.  Michael Lee Hill is our guest, what is his role and who is the Annunaki that makes allof this possible?

3rd session:  3:15 pm – 5 pm  Creating the Abundance Within You.

You are your own greatest asset.  Understanding the difference between wealth and abundance makes all the difference in having joy, happiness and peace with your new-found wealth.  The emotions of fear, anxiety, and greed can create more financial problems and stress than anything else.  We will discuss how your thoughts and emotions can be a guide to truly gaining and maintaining control of your financial future and assist in changing our world.

Dave will be available after the workshop for an open Q & A

For More Information About Dave and the Workshops, Go to the “About” Tab on the Website.

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